Vertical disc tempering machine, scraped surface, with different temperature zones.


From 100 kg/h to 1500 kg/h.
Temperultra 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500 kg/h.


  • Completely cover with stainless steel panels.
  • Frame in structural stainless steel profiles.
  • Built according CE normative.


  • Completely automatic production. It is fully controlled from the HMI located in the front part of the machine. With electrical cabinet incorporated.
  • Machining tolerances very reduced, which we get a very low thickness of the limit layer, improving significantly the performance of the machine, and the uniformity of the tempering.
  • Big thermal Exchange Surface, allowing working with cool water temperature up 15ºC.
  • With integrated system of temperature control in several stages, carried out by means of three way modulating valves, and getting a temperature deviation +-0.1ºC. Each stage is provided with its own recirculating pump and three-way valve. The last stage, with reheating, is provided with electrical resistance, that is used during the nocturne phase, to keep hot the complete machine.
  • The design of the hydraulic circuit, make it possible to work with a huge difference in the chocolate flow, due to the capacity to work each stage as heating stage, instead of cooling.
  • Electronic protection against over stress in the shaft of the machine.


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Fecoatec fpe design of the agitators

Fecoatec fpe design of the agitators, with very high turbulence, in radial and axial sense, mixing the layers in each stage.

Product pressure sensor

Product pressure sensor, to protect against over pressures.



Detemperer, heat exchanger shell and tube type , to heat the chocolate up 45ºC. Size according to chocolate flow.

Additional stage of heating

Additional stage of heating, incorporated in the tempering machine. It would be the first stage and is used to assure the chocolate is detempered at the inlet.

Tempering machine assembled with the tank

When required, the tempering machine is assembled with the tank, pipes and pump, in a common frame.


Zigzag decoration

temperadora de chocolate


bombo de grageado


bombo de grageado