Cooling tunnel by means of air recirculation, with adjustable flow and temperature..


With width from 400 mm to 1500 mm.
Lengths adjusted and calculated according to the process.


  • Hygienic design. Very easy Access for cleaning.
  • Modular design, that allow us to adapt to the required length in each application.
  • Enclosure covers sandwich type, built in stainless steel the external plate and stainless steel or Aluminium the internal plate. Isolated with polyurethane.
  • Lower enclosure of the tunnel with isolated lacked steel panels. Optionally stainless steel panels.
  • Belt according to FDA normative. Sliding plate in stainless steel.
  • Frame in AISI304L.


  • The enclosure covers can be open for both sides, independently one from the other, allowing complete Access to the belt. Completely removable easily.




Module of generation and blowing of cold air

Module of generation and blowing of cold air, including: filter, two fans, two cooling coils with all the necessary elements to allow to control the air temperature controlling the cooling media Flow. Paneled. Each cooling module has two different areas with two different temperatures.

Two tracking devices

Two tracking devices, each one in each edge of the tunnel.

Belt scraper

Belt scraper, Fecoatec fpe design, hygienic.

Drive roller

With drive roller with motor built in.

Both edges

Both edges are adjustable in length.


Air desiccant unit

Air desiccant unit, to avoid condensations inside the tunnel, especially when it is working with a cold bed.

Cold bed

Cold bed. The sliding plate of the belt is substituted by double plates with cold water circulation.


Zigzag decoration

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