Forming centres line, for chocolate, compound and food paste.


  • Formingplus™ 200: 200 kg/h lentils type
  • Formingplus™ 300: 300 kg/h lentils type
  • Formingplus™ 400: 400 kg/h lentils type
  • Formingplus™ 600: 600 kg/h lentils type


  • Built according to CE normative.
  • Completely cover with stainless steel panels.
  • Mechanized frame in stainless steel structural profiles. Machined.
  • Rollers material: bronze or stainless steel.
  • The forming chamber is completely closed.


  • The product is fed into the space of two very cold rotating rollers, with the shapes of the centres engrave on them, and leaving the rollers in the lowest point of them, as a blanket, semi crystalized, with the centres formed in it.
  • The shape of the centres is made according the requirements from the customer. Lentils, eggs, spheres, beans…
  • The feeding of the product is carried out with a double jacketed tube with external regulating nozzles, along the complete length of the rollers.
  • Internally the rollers are designed to get a high turbulent flow, allowing to work with lower temperature in the glycol, meaning energy consumption saving.
  • The group of rollers is assembled on an stainless steel structure. It is assembled on guides, allowing to change very quickly the rollers.
  • With a device to adjust radially the shapes, for a perfect coincidence.
  • With a micrometric device to adjust the gap between the rollers.
  • The inlet and outlet of the glycol to the rollers, is made through rotative joints.
  • The rollers are driven with a moto-reducer, with frequency inverter, and electronic protection against over stress.  The synchronization  between both rollers is got by gear transmission.




Cooling tunnel KaltenPlus™

Cooling tunnel KaltenPlus™, 17 meters length, to get complete solidification of the product, with one module of cold air generation. With electrical cabinet including all the elements of the forming line.

Separation drum

The product coming from the tunnel, is fed into the rotating separation drum, where it is separated the chocolate between the pieces, and the defective ones. Completely panelled. Drum supported on four free wheels and driven by means of a belt that embraces it. With inner perforated plate (perforation depends on the product size), and solid external plate to collect the residues, from the lowest part.

Little melted tank

Little melted tank, with double jacket, and electrical resistance, to collect and melt all the residues coming from the separation drum. With a pump that blows the chocolate to the recovery point.

Air desiccant unit

Air desiccant unit, with silica gel rotor, DAHU™300, to keep a dewpoint of the air in the forming chamber up -15ºC, avoiding the ice building up on the rollers surface.

Unit to generate the glycol

Unit to generate the glycol flow and temperature needed in the rollers, assembled on a common frame. Including: compressor semi hermetic, air condenser, evaporator, glycol pump, storage tank and electrical cabinet. The cooling capacity according to the installed FORMINGPLUS™.


Zigzag decoration

temperadora de chocolate


bombo de grageado


bombo de grageado