Automatic coatings pans for syrup and chocolate prepared to work with fragile and delicate products.


  • BOMBO™25: Maximum capacity: 25 litres. Designed for lab purposes.
  • BOMBO™600: Maximum capacity 600 litres
  • BOMBO™1050: Maximum capacity 1050 litres
  • BOMBO™2250: Maximum capacity 2250 litres
  • BOMBO™3650: Maximum capacity 3650 litres


  • It is constituted with a solid cylinder, horizontal, with tori spherical caps.
  • Entirely built in stainless steel AISI304L.
  • Built according to CE normative.
  • Internal deflectors in AISI304L, ergonomic shape, adapted to the inner shape of the pan, to get a good motion of the product without harming it, even the most fragile.
  • With a low bed of the product, what allow to work with very fragile centres.
  • The movement of the pan is got by means of a guided belt, that embraces the entire perimeter of the pan, which is supported on four free wheels.
  • Frame in stainless Steel structural profiles.
  • Coating pan is completely panelled.
  • The electrical cabinet is located on the frame of the pan. If required, it can be installed in an external location.


  • The functioning of the coating pan is controlled by means of a PLC. The coating process is entirely automatic and is not needed the presence of the operator.
  • It is provided with an HMI installed in the front of the pan, on an adjustable arm. All the parameters that intervene in the coating process, are adjusted from the HMI, with a graphic language in 3D, designed to be very easy and comfortable for the operator.
  • Centres loading is carried out from the frontal door of the pan. Several devices has been developed, following the requirements of the customer, with various degrees of automatization: loading belt from the ground; storage belt on loading cells from top, in order to get a very quick loading, lift cart…
  • The finished product is unloaded automatically. The product is collected typically with a belt, although other devices are allowable: big bags, vibrating tray, manual carts…


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The syrup sprayers

The syrup sprayers are patent design from Fecoatec fpe, with close/open position detection, to prevent undesired syrup spraying. Pneumatically driven, double effect, with heating jacket the parts in contact with the syrup. Self-cleaning.

The chocolate sprayers

The chocolate sprayers are patent design from Fecoatec fpe, with opening and closing pneumatically driven, double effect, and with atomization of the chocolate by air compressed. With regulation of the opening size. With heating jacket.

Chocolate or syrup sprayers

The group of chocolate or syrup sprayers, is assembled on a support easily extractable from the front of the pan, even during production, for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

In standard execution, the entire syrup or chocolate pipes, are double jacketed, with hot water circulation.

The process drying air is distributed along the pan, with a particular device designed by Fecoatec fpe, in order to get a uniform high velocity flow, in all the length of the pan, allowing getting a very low batch times.

The process drying air is coming from the DAHU, equipment is shown in this web page.

In option, and according to the application, with double air outlet to the product.

The syrup group, including deposits and pumps, is assembled on a separate stainless-steel frame.

The aspiration filter is cartridge type, with ATEX normative and high pressure suction fan.


Powder doser

The powder dosing is carried out by means of specially designed sprayers, independent each one, and easily extractable from the front of the pan. Provided with a hopper, that can be mounted on loading cells, and a volumetric distribution device, designed by Fecoatec fpe, to get a complete uniformity of the sprayed quantity in each sprayer. The injection is made using pneumatic transport.

With no air compressed consumption.

Complete CIP for the pan

Complete CIP for the pan, and optionally, for the tanks and pipes.

Device to apply polishing agent, in liquid or solid state

The sprayers are extractable from the front of the pan, for maintenance or cleaning purposes. It is used pneumatic transport to inject the polishing agent inside the pan.

Device to apply colour or aromas

With pump and additional deposit. With independent sprayers, easily extractable.

Device for external sprayers cleaning

With cups, one for each sprayer, that once the spraying cycle is finished, are located over the sprayers, cleaning them with water, that is collected with vacuum. The device rotates, allowing to spray, and then the cycle repeats.

Syrup Dissolver/cooker

With capacity adapted to the requirements of the installation. The mixing and heating process, can be semi-automatic or completely automatic when the unit is mounted on loading cells.

Unloading and pneumatic transport

Complete installation of unloading and pneumatic transport to the Hopper of the powder doser, if required, typically from big bags.


Zigzag decoration

temperadora de chocolate


bombo de grageado


bombo de grageado